Scope and Content

of a meeting held in Chester between Enfield Taylor and Mr. Conway taken by A.G. Pugh. The meeting was held at a time when Taylor was 'laid up' with a bad foot. One side of each page contains a list of an assumed agenda of points for discussion such as: inspection of top section, defects in engine house, pulleys, position with White & Sons, Umpire's award, position of company with Enfield Taylor.

The other side contains notes presumably taken at the time [in red ink] of Taylor's responses. These include comments about Wood & Fowler's bill for extras amounting to £200: 'If they want to go to a fight it will be a big fight'.

On the points and crossings near the pumping station: 'They were never satisfactory, at the present moment they are dangerous. Mr. Taylor would like to take the line over and finish it'.

On the contracting engineers: 'The thing to do is get rid of White & Sons and get the line in our own hands'.

On the inspection of the top section: 'Mr. Taylor cannot pass Tension Gear put in by White & Sons, the engines are not powerful enough. It is a jerry job'.