Scope and Content

Correspondence from Messrs. R. White & Sons, Widnes, Lancs., engineers to Alfred G. Pugh, chartered accountant and secretary to G.O.T.

Most of the correspondence relates to repeated requests for overdue payments and the feeling on the part of Whites that G.O.T. are treating them very badly. [Especially as one of G.O.T.'s directors is suing Whites in relation to the work.]

Later correspondence concerns Whites repeated requests that a tram shed be built to protect all the passenger and jockey [luggage] cars from bad weather. Whites subsequently report a visit by a senior member of the staff to inspect the rolling stock (owned by White and leased to G.O.T.). He reports on weather damage sustained to the passenger cars prior to the building of sheds; the lack of any protection to the car at the lower station and the fact that the jockey cars are not only stored outside, but that they are actually used by G.O.T. to store paint, oil etc.

White & Sons demand compensation from G.O.T. re the damaged cars and although G.O.T. try to dispute White's report, a settlement is eventually agreed upon. Even then, G.O.T. try to place conditions on the settlement.