Scope and Content

Correspondence from Enfield Taylor, engineer retained by G.O.T. to:

Alfred G. Pugh, chartered accountant,secretary to G.O.T.;

Messrs. Wood & Fowler, Liverpool, consulting engineers to R. White & Sons;

S.B. Cottrell, Liverpool, umpire of legal dispute between:

G.O.T. and White & Sons;

R. Conway, Llandudno, a director of G.O.T.

Messrs. Chamberlain & Johnson, Llandudno, solicitors.

The correspondence relates to continued disputes over the standards of work completed, unfinished work, overdue payments to contractors etc. Enfield Taylor is particularly dismissive of R. White & Sons and Wood & Fowler and at one point states his belief that Whites have left themselves 'open to heavy damage for libel, defamation and slander'.

At the start of the correspondence Enfield Taylor appears to have the support of the directors of G.O.T. However by early 1903, when Taylor is laid up following an accident, the directors employ another engineer (Aitchison), of whose talents Taylor is typically dismissive and the correspondence refers to comments and accusations made by directors to which Taylor steadfastly denies any liability.

[Summary of subject matter of individual letters included with file.]