Scope and Content

written by A.G. Pugh of an informal meeting between G.O.T. and Mr. White, the contractor, at which White updated the company on his latest inspection of the tram line and cars. He reports on what is working perfectly and what has required/will require modification.

The notes point out White's objection to the use of jockey cars behind passenger cars, as this will result in undue strain on the system.

In White's opinion, G.O.T. have now taken receipt of the lower section of the line and he is therefore entitled to the Bonds due in payment. If G.O.T. do not agree that they have taken receipt of the line, then he (White) is entitled to the receipts since the opening.

[Consists of working notes and a proper handwritten copy. The working notes are written on the back of a printed document titled 'Light Railway Poll: details of plan for canvas'. The document [possibly incomplete] details each group of canvassers and the streets they are to canvass].