Scope and Content

Correspondence form Messrs. R. White & Sons, Widnes, Lancs., engineers to G.O.T. and Alfred G. Pugh, chartered accountant and secretary to G.O.T.

The letters relate to the ongoing dispute between G.O.T. and White & Sons particularly in relation to G.O.T.'s engineer, Enfield Taylor. White & Sons repeatedly contest Taylor's claims of their inefficiency and errors. They point out Taylor's refusal both to reply to their correspondence and to meet with them, as well as the problems caused to them by Taylor's insistence on instructing Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd. [White's engineers] direct, instead of through Whites.

White & Sons repeatedly chase payment from G.O.T. The series includes extracts from a list of letters sent by White & Sons to Taylor to which Taylor has not replied.

[Summary of subject matter of individual letters included with file.]