Photocopies. Psychology and Religion: articles, and excerpts from books, by various authors

Scope and Content

1) Ari Kiev: 'Magic, faith and healing: studies in primitive psychiatry today'. (Free Press: New York, 1974). Photocopies of pp. 10-77: End of preface, p. 10. 1. Theoretical considerations, pp. 11-25. 2. The problem of the normal and subnormal, pp. 26-55. 3. The effect of culture on psychiatric disorders, pp. 56-77

2) Victor C Hayes, editor: 'Exploring religious experiences': (a symposium)

(i) Victor C Hayes: (Introduction): 'Exploring religious experiences. A. Mapping and territory. B. Previewing the essays'. pp. 1-9

ii) James Irwin: 'Dreams and visions as religious experiences in a Polynesian setting'. pp. 50-9

3) Articles from 'Contributions to Asian Studies', vol. 1-. 1971- Brill: Leiden):

(i) Donn V Hart: 'Culture and curing in Filipino peasant society'. (CAS, 5, 1976, pp. 15-25)

(ii) E Hollis Mentzer and Steven Piker: 'Personality profiles for two Central Thai villages'. (CAS, 8, 1979, pp. 24-40)

(iii) Gananath Obeyesekere: 'Psycho-cultural exegesis of a case of spiritual possession from Sri Lanka'. (CAS, 8, 1979, pp. 41-89)

(iv) Barton Sensenig, 3rd.: 'Socialization and personality in Thailand'

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