Unpublished monograph. 'The religious ideas of Batak proverbs', by Harry Parkin, edited by G.E. Marrison and L.G. Hill. (G.E.M. has added an analytical list of contents and a foreword; and at the end, an annotated bibliography, and an index with glossary. L.G.H. has added comments on the study, in the light of current Social Anthropology). Typescript, 30 cm. pp. xx, 341, xxiii.

Scope and Content


Foreword. Biographical note (G.E.M.). Batak proverbs (G.E.M.). The Toba Batak (H.P.). The study in the light of current Social Anthropology (L.G.H.), pages i - xx

1) Introduction: Batak understanding of word power. Batak terms for proverbs. The first line of Batak proverbs. Variants. Sources used. Purpose and methodology. Religious and social concepts of the Bataks. Transcription and orthography. p.1

2) Tondi- the soul of a living person: 15 umpama (= proverbs) cited. Commentary: funerals, death, sources of strength, benedictions, the threefold divisions of Batak society. p.48

3) Begu- the spirit of a dead person: 5 umpama cited. Commentary. p.103

4) Datu- medicine man, shaman, animist priest: 7 umpama cited. Commentary, including discussion of tunggal panaluan - the datu's staff. p. 120

5) Hulahula - the bride-giving party: 27 umpama cited. Commentary, including sahala, charisma; hariara, the cosmic tree; ulos, ceremonial cloths; and boru, the bride-receiving party. p.159

6) Raja- the king: 35 umpama cited. Commentary: The Sisingamangaraja dynasty; stories, and a Toba Batak text. p.219

7) Debata and Tuhan- God and Lord: 25 umpama cited. Commentary: Warneck's view of the Batak High God questioned. Divine providence. Benediction. Myth of origin of Ompu Mula jadi na bolon, the primal ancestor of the Batak. p.288

Bibliography (G.E.M.) i

Index and Glossary (G.E.M.) pp. viii-xxiii

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