Papers relating to the Seventeenth Century English Casuists

Scope and Content

This group contains newspaper cuttings, manuscript notes, typed papers, photocopies of articles, and articles which have been removed from books. The papers/articles are:

  • A Great English Casuist by Thomas Wood
  • The Seventeenth Century English Casuists on Betting and Gambling by Thomas Wood
  • An Anglican Manual: Some Reflections on Canon Mortimer's The Elements of Moral Theology by Thomas Wood (taken from The Church Quarterly Review, September 1948)
  • Conscience, Casuistry, and Moral Decision: Some Historical Perspectives by Edmund Leites (taken from Journal of Chinese Philosophy, volume 2, 1974). This copy has been inscribed by the author as being "For Thomas Wood, whose work on English Casuistry has meant so much to me"
  • Photocopies of passages from The Puritan Revolution: A Documentary History, edited by Stuart E Prall (1969)
  • Typed paper entitled Civil Disobedience and Revolution in the Writings of the Seventeenth Century English Casuists
  • Typed draft of English Casuistry of the 17th Century and its Relations with Medieval and Jesuit Casuistry by Thomas Wood (includes transcripts of 3 lectures on this subject delivered at Kings College London, March 1949)
  • Typed draft of Jeremy Taylor and Seventeenth Century English Casuistry - with special reference to the Ductor Dubitantium by Thomas Wood