Material relating to 17th Century Theologians

Scope and Content

This material, which is largely in the form of manuscript and typed notes, gives biographical details about various 17th Century theologians and includes copies of extracts taken from their books. The theologians are:

  • William Ames - includes extracts from his work Conscience, with the Power and the Cases thereof (1643)
  • Thomas Barlow (former Bishop of Lincoln)
  • Richard Baxter - includes an article by Thomas Wood entitled Richard Baxter's The Reformed Pastor (taken from Theology: A Monthly Review, volume LII, number 344, February 1949)
  • Joseph Hall - includes a typed draft (incomplete) of a paper about Joseph Hall and his views on Casuistry
  • Walsham How - includes cuttings of hymns written by Walsham How
  • William Perkins - includes extracts from EPIEIKEIA: or a Treatise of Christian Equity and Moderation, and photocopies of chapters entitled: Christian Oeconomy or A Short Study of the Right Manner of Erecting and Ordering a Family, According to the Scriptures (edited and translated from Latin into English by Thomas Pickering), and A Treatise of the Vocations or Callings of Men
  • Robert Sanderson - includes an article about Sanderson written by Thomas Wood entitled A Great English Casuist
  • John Sharp
  • Jeremy Taylor - includes a photocopy of an article by Thomas Wood entitled The Tercentenary of Ductor Dubitantium (taken from Theology, volume LXIII, number 483, September 1960). This article is about Jeremy Taylor who wrote Ductor Dubitantium