Draft Chapters from English Practical Divinity (Volume I)

Scope and Content

This group contains typed draft chapters from English Practical Divinity by Thomas Wood. Many of the chapters are accompanied by manuscript notes and typed copies of extracts from other people's work which were used as background material. The titles of the chapters are:

  • Chapter I - A General Survey
  • Chapter II - Conscience
  • Chapter III - Law
  • Chapter IV - Sin
  • Chapter V - Repentance
  • Chapter VII - The Problem of Lying (also called Lies: Equivocation and Mental Reservation)
  • Chapter VIII - Church and State
  • Chapter IX - The Casuistry of Economic Conduct
  • Chapter X - Marriage and Family Life
  • Chapter XI - Recreation
  • Chapter XIII - Betting and Gambling
  • Chapter XII - Sunday Observance
  • Chapter XIV - Peace and War. (also called The Just War in the Writings of the Seventeenth Century English Casuists)
  • Chapter XV - Conclusion