Letters to Hewley Mortimer Baines

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From: John Harrison, Ripon & Bellwood (19); T. Walmesley, Paris (2); Chs. Eyre (to Russell & Thompson, York); John Walker, Walterclough, Southowram, Halifax (9); Miss C.W. Walker, Walterclough; Samuel Washington, Tenney Royd, Hipperholme, Halifax (5); Robert Wheeler & Son, Birmingham (gunsmiths); Wm. Dealtry, Wigginton (3); John King, agent, Waterclough & Brighouse (11); Mrs. S. Williamson, Wistow; John Baines, Division St., Sheffield; Henry E. Grimston, Lund (5); Mrs. Anne Dawson (Pullan), The Wells (2); Mary Baines, Hastings & Escrick (3); Richard Hague; Hewley John Baines, Bishopton Close, Haxby Hall & Shrewsbury School (10); Henry Baines, Bishopton Close (9); John Bischoff, Leeds (2); W. Middleton, Poppleton; Capt. Thomas Harrison; Mary Kate Baines, Burlington, Bell Hall & Queen Square, London (9); Miss Delia G.E. Walker, Waterclough (8); Col. C.N. Fox, Office of Ordnance (4); John Marshall, London (2); Stephen Creyke, Wigginton (2); Mrs. E. Broadbelt, Queen Square, London; H.S. Thompson, Fairfield; D.J. & O. Russell, York; Jane Askwith, Retford; Baron de Langer; William Mortimer Baines (2). Many letters with draft replies from H.M.B.

Financial and estate matters (Lingcroft, Wigginton).

Enquiry as to heirs of Bell Hall estate.

Objections to marriage of Mrs. Dawson & Mr. Pullan.

Family & social gossip.

Sale of a horse.

Letters from children of H.M.B. at school.

Will of Mary, sister of H.M.B.

Heir-at-law of Lady Hewley.

Hewley John Baines nominated for admission to Woolwich Academy.

Descriptions of St. Paul's Cathedral and London (1837).

Blowing glass at Gallery of Practical Science, London.

The Apollonican in London 'an instrument considered by all eminent musicians to be superior to any other in Europe' (22 January 1838)

Exhibition of fleas at 209 Regent Street (22 January 1838)

Skating on the Serpentine; an accident when many lives were lost; scarcity of water in London, all springs being frozen (22 January 1838)

Sale of furniture at Guisborough.

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