Press cuttings and magazines and periodicals

Scope and Content

Reviews, newspaper images, and related articles about various productions including: C.B. Cochran's 1930 Revue at the London Pavilion; 'London's First Pantomime' Sleeping Beauty at the Vaudeville; Viktoria and Her Hussar at the Palace Theatre; 'Please' at the Alhambra; Tip-Toes; Lucky Lady at the Carlton; The Prosperity Party at the Trocadero; Let's Raise the Curtain at the Victoria Palace; Stop & Go at the Vaudeville; How D'You Do? at the Comedy Theatre; Char-a-Bang at the Vaudeville Theatre; Hi-Diddle-Diddle at the Comedy Theatre.

Front page of The Sketch featuring a full page black and white photograph of [Trixie Scales] as one of C.B.Cochran's Young Ladies of the 'Revue of 1930', dated Wednesday 2nd July 1930; a front page from ' The Daily Mail' featuring Trixie Scales in an advertisement for 'Pepsodent' toothpaste, dated Thursday 26th June 1930.

Article entitled 'The Theatre Does its Share in Dispelling Depression' by Harold Conway. Article about value of entertainment and theatre during the Depression.


Arranged by production.