File. Relationship between Peace News and the Peace Pledge Union

Scope and Content

Correspondence, including letters from Vera Brittain (4), Bernard Boothroyd (3), Leonard Bird (3), Wilfred Wellock, Humphrey Moore (2), Frank Lea, Harry Mister (2 copies), Stuart Morris (5 and 1 copy), Arthur Taylor (4); speech by Vera Brittain to PPU AGM, 1961, with PN editorial by Hugh Brock; discussion papers and memoranda on the future of Peace News, including by Sybil Morrison, Bernard Boothroyd, Gene Sharp, Hugh Brock, Vera Brittain, Christopher Farley; papers for PPU AGMs and National Council meetings, 1959-1961; notes; letter of resignation from PPU by [Allen Skinner]; circulars issued by PPU and PN; minutes of PN Board of Directors, March 1960; papers of Working Party, including report; papers relating to implementation of PPU AGM resolution, 1961; report of Working Party on the Social Implications of Pacifism; articles by Vera Brittain; draft PPU general election leaflet, 1955