Correspondence with Gerald Holtom

Scope and Content

Carbon copy letter to Dick Nettleton, c1970, asking for Gerald Holtom's address

Carbon copy letter to Gerald Holtom, 22 September 1973, asking permission to use Holtom's 1961 Peace News article in a proposed pamphlet on the origins of the ND symbol

Letter from Gerald Holtom, with transcript, 29 September 1973, describing the origins of his design for the ND symbol and his state of mind at the time he created it

Carbon copy letter to Gerald Holtom, 17 October 1973, discussing the Suburban Tribune advertisements and Janice Scott

Carbon copy letter to Gerald Holtom, 2 May 1975, asking permission for Ken Kolsbun to use Holtom's letter of 29 September 1973 in his book about the ND symbol. Enclosing Kolsbun's typescript and form of consent

Letter from Gerald Holtom, 14 May 1975, returning Ken Kolsbun's typescript