Correspondence with Max Goldblatt, Dallas, Texas

Scope and Content

Letter from Max Goldblatt to Pat Arrowsmith/Hugh Brock, Peace News, 19 November 1970, sending copy of advertisement alleging athiest and Communist associations for the ND symbol, and his attempts to refute this

Photocopy of advertisements placed in a community newspaper [Suburban Tribune, Dallas, Texas], 14 October - 11 November 1970, comprising: 'WW Sez... Peace symbol? Are you sure?', making allegations that the ND symbol has atheist and Communist links (paid for by WW Hughes), and 'The peace symbol', describing the semaphore origins of the symbol (paid for by Max Goldblatt)

Carbon copy letter to Max Goldblatt, 24 November 1970, asserting that Gerald Holtom is a devout Christian and asking him to request a letter from WW Hughes retracting his comments

Letter from Max Goldblatt, 30 November 1970, describing a burning cross being placed outside his business following the controversy. Suggests approaching the newspaper or Mr Hughes directly for a retraction, and that the origin of the allegations is a John Birch Society pamphlet