Administrative / Biographical History

MD Dusseldorf 1931; LRCP LRCS Edin LRFPS Glasg 1934.

Friedlander was born in Berlin on 4 April 1906 and studied medicine there. After qualifying he trained in pathology at Dusseldorf and gained his MD. After four months in Dusseldorf as surgical assistant he decided that there was no future there for a Jew and he resigned his appointment in 1933 and came to London to his uncle, Dr Moses Gaster. Friedlander was quickly appointed house surgeon at the Manchester Victoria Memorial Jewish Hospital and was later made medical registrar, a position he also held at St Luke's Hospital Manchester. In 1937 Friedlander entered general practice in Didsbury and built up a very successful practice, but he continued as part time registrar at the Jewish Hospital until 1950. He helped found the Morris Feinmann House for old Jewish people in 1949 and was a popular member of Manchester Medical Society . Friedlander died unexpectedly on 18 November 1969.