Administrative / Biographical History

MD Berlin 1932.

Grunbaum qualified in Berlin in 1929 and after specialising in psychiatry gained an MD in 1932. Grunbaum trained under Dr Sussman in Berlin and later under Jung in Zurich. He came to Manchester in 1939 as a refugee and when war was decalred he was interred for a short while. After his release, Grunbaum developed an extensive psycho-therapeutic practice in Manchester and with the introduction of the NHS in 1948 became psychiatrist and analytical psychologist at Salford Royal Hospital and Hope Hospital Salford. Greenbaum was a member of the Analytical Psychology Society. He evolved his own method of group therapy and presented papers and seminars on Jungian Psychology. Grunbaum changed his name to Greenbaum in the 1960s and died on 1 November 1961.