Administrative / Biographical History

LSA 1874; LRCP LM Edin LRCS Edin 1874.

Gallimore studied at Owens College Manchester and was appointed resident physician's assistant at MRI in 1875. After working as house surgeon to the Metropolitan Hospital he travelled to China as a ship's surgeon. Gallimore developed his small practise in Denton into one of the largest general practises in Lancashire before moving to practice in Lyme, Cheshire. Gallimore was later senior medical officer at Chorlton Union Hospital (later Withington Hospital Manchester) and visiting surgeon at Chester Infirmary. In 1894 Gallimore went to Rowington where he was the first resident medical officer. In 1914 Gallimore moved to Leamington where he worked during the first war at the Northfield War Hospital. He died on 1 November 1929.