Scope and Content

All material except /1 is a photocopy. 

  • /1 Holograph note re. Medical education and photo of Brooke.
  • /2 P/C Brooke and Manchester Dermatological Society.
  • /3 P/C info on Brooke extracted from MDs.
  • /4 P/C various biographical information.
  • /5 P/C W.A. Pusey, The history of dermatology (London 1933), references to Brooke.
  • /6 P/C obit. of Brooke, British Journal of Dermatology vol. 31, 1919
  • /7 obit. BMJ 19 April 1919.
  • /8 P/C W.B. Shelley Classics in clinical dermatology (Springfield 1953), references to Broke
  • /9 P/C letter from Brooke to DL 16 March 1890, discusses the rapid growth of the Skin Hospital, current burdens and lack of beds; need for a new outpatient clinic; wants to build up Hospital into 'a really scientific institution', speaks of poor state of dermatological knowledge in profession. Brooke appears to be responding to criticisms of a circular he wrote asking for more funds for the Skin Hospital.
  • /10 Brooke to Bosdin Leech 13 dec. 1894, discusses meeting of the Skin hospital Committee which discussed possible move to the Stanley Grove Estate, which Committee did not favour; discusses possible alternatives.