Administrative / Biographical History

Thomas Deacon MD was a non-juring priest and physician. Originally from London, he spent the latter part of his life working in Manchester. He was involved in Jacobite agitations throughout his life, and was forced into exile in Holland after the 1715 rebellion. He later studied medicine under Richard Mead in London. Deacon moved to Manchester around 1720, where he established his "True British Catholic Church" and acted as a non-juring bishop. During the 1745 Rebellion, Deacon and his sons were deeply involve with the cause of the Young Pretender. His son, Thomas, was arrested and executed for treason in 1746; his head was spiked and displayed on the top of the Exchange Building in Market Street. A second son was transported and a third died at his trial. Deacon himself was never brought to trial, and died in 1753. He was buried in St Ann's Churchyard in Manchester.