Scope and Content

  • /1 Attendance card of Cunliffe for midwifery cases at St Mary's Hospital, January 1901. damaged.
  • /2 Cutting Manchester University Medical School Gazette June 1903, short biographical sketch of Cunliffe as a student.
  • /3 Letter from Cunliffe to Bosdin Leech , 23 February 1904, discusses resident medical officer post at MRI for which both are candidates, regrets should be competing for same post, dated from Mill Road Infirmary, Liverpool.
  • /4 Cutting Manchester University Medical School Gazette [1906] re. Cunliffe's election as assistant honorary physician at MRI.
  • /5 Application letter and testimonials for post of honorary assistant physician at MRI 1906.
  • /6 Notice of marriage, n.d.
  • /7 Application letter for chair of forensic medicine at the University of Manchester (1912).
  • /8 Notice of marriage of son, 1938.
  • /9 Cutting Brockbank's entry for Cunliffe from The Honorary Medical Staff of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1830-1948, 1965.
  • /10 Holograph note, note from Dr Allan Bennett discussing Cunliffe's personality.
  • /11 Letter from Peter Cunliffe [son] to William Brockbank, 15 May 1963, outlines basic facts about Cunliffe and his family.
  • /12 Letter From W R Douglas to William Brockbank, 20 May 1963, discusses Cunliffe's work at MRI.
  • /13 Photo of Cunliffe pasted on paper, sitting at Piccadilly Infirmary.
  • /14 Photo pasted on paper as RMO at MRI, 1906/7.
  • /15 Photo pasted on paper of Cunliffe in Owen College rugby XV, 1898.
  • /16 Photo pasted on paper, Cunliffe at MRI, Piccadilly.
  • /17 Mounted portrait photo of Cunliffe, taken by Rosa &; Bradbury, Manchester.
  • /18 Photograph of Cunliffe in military uniform [RAMC?], taken by C. Ireland, Manchester.