Scope and Content

Cartoons in ink by Daniel Dougal: 

  • /1 Ink sketch of Julius Dreschfeld.
  • /2 Ink sketch of Julius Dreschfeld in lecture theatre, dated 1905.
  • /3 Cartoon, entitled 'A few suggestions for beautifying the Corridors, no.1: why not have a 'Hall of Statuary'; shows cartoons of Dreschfeld, A.H. Young and William Stirling (with a cartoon of Dr Wilkinson attached) [all Manchester Medical School teachers]., dated 1905.
  • /4 Cartoon in ink entitled 'The apparition', dated 1905.
  • /5 Cartoon in ink, entitled 'The indignant parent', dated 1905.
  • /6 Cartoon entitled 'A thousand melodies unheard before!', dated 1905.
  • /7 Cartoon entitled 'Hall of statuary 2nd series' shows William Thorburn, G.A. Wright and Leith. dated 1905.