Scope and Content

  • /1 Cutting from Brockbank's Honorary Medical Staff of the MRI, 1904.
  • /2 Holograph note notes from Brockbank's entry.
  • /3 Holograph note notes from Brockbank and RenaudMRI.
  • /4-5 Holograph note MRI minutes references to Darbey.
  • /6 Holograph note inscription on Darbey's tomb at Manchester Collegiate Church.
  • /7 Holograph note about Darbey's brother John.
  • /8 Holograph note about Darbey's siblings from Vicars of Rochdale (Chetham Society).
  • /9 Holograph note 1779 Medical Register entry.
  • /10 Cutting, letter from Darbey to trustees of the MRI, canvassing for support as surgeon at MRI, 2 August 1790.
  • /11 Robert Darbey, A letter addressed to the trustees of the Manchester Royal informary containing a vindication of the author from the aspersions cast upon him by Dr Wright (Manchester 1782)