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File containing variety of biographical information about Blackley: 

  • /1 Cutting, 17 Apr 1858, not sourced, announcement of Blackley's admission to Royal College of Surgeons, London.
  • /2 Medical Directory entry 1869 for Blackley.
  • /3 Photocopy cutting from Students' Journal and Hospital Gazette 21 June 1873, notice of Blackley's Experimental researches on hay fever.
  • /4 Photocopy of the will of Blackley, 12 February 1900.
  • /5 Transcript of notice of obituary of Blackley from Manchester Guardian, 4 Sep 1900.
  • /6 Holograph note ny Bosdin Leech noting Blackley's signature of petition favouring extension of MRI at Piccadilly, 8 Aug 1892.
  • /7 Holograph note by Bosdin Leech , meeting between Blackley and J. De Ville Mather, when latter was a child.
  • /8 Holograph note by Bosdin Leech re. Blackley's entry to Manchester Royal School of Medicine in 1856.
  • /9 Holograph note by Bosdin Leech of an article by Blackley in Monthly Homeopathic Review, Oct 1890, about his Observations on the progress and tendency of some of the modern methods of scientific research.
  • /10 Holograph transcript by Bosdin Leech of obituary of Blackley from Monthly Homeopathic Review Oct 1900.
  • /11 Typescript brief biography of Blackley, n.d. pron. Bosdin Leech .
  • /12 Letter from Charles H. Eyermann (Washington University, St Louis, Missouri) to Bosdin Leech , 12 May 1927, thanking for information about Blackley.
  • /13 Typescript of Bosdin Leech 's paper on Blackley given to meeting of BMA at Manchester, 1929.
  • /14 Offprint of article by Bosdin Leech on Blackley, published version of /13, reprinted fromBMJ 21 Dec 1929.
  • /15 Offprint, Samuel Hurwitz,'Hay fever: a sketch of its early history' repr. from Journal of Allergy I.3, March 1930, discusses Blackley's contributions, includes note from Hurwitz to Leech, offering the article, and says read Leech's recent paper on Blackley (/14).
  • /16 Offprint, Leslie Gay 'Hay-fever: methods of treatment' reprinted fromWest Virginia Medical Journal, XXX.8, August 1934.
  • /17 Correspondence between Harry Alexander (Washington University, St Louis) and William Brockbank, 24 Jun-7 Nov 1968, requesting biographical information about Blackley, discusses Blackley's correspondence with Charles Darwin about hay pollen allergy.
  • /18 Photocopy of an undated article by Albert Lowndes, 'Charles Darwin to Charles Harrison Blackley: an early chapter on pollen allergy'.
  • /19 Cutting from Guardian 14 Nov 1972, brief article noting planned celebrations for centenary of Blackley's book on hay fever.
  • /20 Photocopy of letter from Dr Jacques Duchaine of Brussels to Dr H.M. Brown, 1 December 1972, concerning Brown's request for information about Blackley's diploma from Brussels University in 1873.
  • /21-24 Letter from Dr Jacques Duchaine to Dr G. Taylor, hon. sec. of British Allergy Society, 25 January 1973, discusses Blackley's M.D., discusses arrangments for Blackley's oral examination, and argues that Blackley would not necessarily have attended lectures at the University before taking degree; attached are a photocopy and transcript of regulations for medical degrees of Brussels University; and photocopy and transcript of Blackley's examination report; photocopy of Blackley's entry in register of graduates at Brussels University.
  • /25 Offprint, Geoffrey Taylor and Jane Walker, 'Charles Harrison Blackley, 1820-1900' reprinted from Clinical Allergy vol. 3, 1973.
  • /26 Photocopy of article by Stephen O'Sullivan, 'Charles Blackley and allergy research, 1873-1973' New Scientist 28 June 1973.
  • /27 Photocopy article, H. Morrow Brown, ' The relationship between aerobiology and allergology: a tribute to Charles Blackley and a review of personal experience', Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Aerobiology, Bangalore, India, 1994.
  • /28 Note of works of Blackley held by Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine Library, London [1999].
  • /29-34 paper wallet containing photographs of Blackley; two cartes de visite, two larger copies made from the cartes de visite, one printing block of Blackley's portrait?.