Administrative / Biographical History

BSc Lond 1895, MB 1899, MD 1903; MRCS LRCP 1896.

Goring was born on 31 January 1870 and later became a pioneer in criminology. He studied at University College London where he had a distinguished academic career. Goring was not just a medic, he was also awarded the John Stuart Mill Studentship in the Philosophy of Mind and Logic in 1893. Goring held junior medical positions at University College Hospital and Great North Central Hospital before being appointed medical officer to Broadmoor State Criminal Lunatic Asylum. Goring was deputy medical officer for HM Prison Parkhurst before being appointed medical officer in chief of Strangeways Prison Manchester. Goring was interested in the physiological traits of criminals and decided to scientifically test the theories of Cesare Lombroso. After comparing the physiological traits of thousands of prisoners with those of non-criminals, he found no substantial differences between the two groups. He published the results in The English Convict, 1913, discrediting the idea of born criminals and laying the foundation for scientific criminology. Goring died on 5 May 1919.