Scope and Content

  • /1-3 Holograph notes MRI minutes, references to appointments.
  • /4 Holograph note references to Dumville in Memoir of Turner, Jordan,Jordan and Renaud, MRI.
  • /5 Holograph note biographical entry from Manchester School Registers.
  • /6-7 Holograph note entry in Swindells Streets of Manchester.
  • /8 Holograph note made from E. Brockbank's notes.
  • /9 MD entry 1847.
  • /10 MD entry 1869.
  • /11 Holograph note reference from Bower Harrison's autobiography, member of medical club in Brazennose Street Manchester.
  • /12 Holograph note entry in Whellan'sDirectory, domiciled at Ardwick, Manchester.
  • /13 Draft letter from Edward Lund (secretary of Manchester Medical Society ) to Dumville, 15 November 1857, asking if wishes to renew his subscription to the Society, points out if Society fails it will be a great disgrace to the medical men of Manchester .
  • /14 Letter from Lund to Dumville 16 November 1859?, reporting Council of Manchester Medical Society cannot accept his resignation.
  • /15 Part of letter dated 26 November 1861 signed by Dumville, subject matter unknown, probably a testimonial.
  • /16 Note from Dumville, 13 January 1863, supporting increase in subscription of the Medical Section of the Manchester Royal Institution.
  • /17 Offprint of W. Brockbank's article 'Who were they?' Manchester University Medical School Gazette May 1963, refers to Dumville and the Dumville Surgical Prizes.
  • /18 Cutting, entry for Dumville from Brockbank, The Honorary Medical Staff of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1830-1948, 1965.
  • /19 Photocopy Pall Mall Memoirs, note of Dumville's life.
  • /20-24 carte de visite photographs of Dumville.