Scope and Content

File consisting of:

  • /1-3 Holograph notes MRI minutes, application for post of surgeon 1843.
  • /4 Holograph note from Swindells Manchester menon Braid.
  • /5-6 Holograph notes from Axon's Annals of Manchester, biographical note including discussion of theory of hypnotism.
  • /7 Holograph note from Slugg, Reminiscencesbrief note on residences of Braid.
  • /8 Holograph note Whellan, Directory, residence of Braid.
  • /9 Holograph note from Samuel Bardsley's commonplace book, references to Braid's lectures.
  • /10 Holograph note articles in Manchester City News July-August 1879 discussing Braid's theory and methods of hypnotism by various correspondents.
  • /11 Cuttings from Manchester City News, originals of some material transcribed in /10
  • /12 Typescript note on Braid's method of hypnotism, extracted from his Neurypnology.
  • /13 typescript biographic note about Braid. (2 sheets)
  • /14 obit.MTG 17 April 1860.
  • /15 photocopy of obit of Braid from theLancet 31 March 1860.
  • /16 Photographic print of engraving of James Braid, dated 1854 [*missing].
  • /17 offprint from BMJ 26 October 1929, article about Braid's life and work by George Fletcher.
  • /18 Cutting from Manchester Guardian 14 March 1942, reporting a lecture of Braid's on animal magnetism at Manchester Athenaeum in 1842.
  • /19 Photocopy of W.D. Furneaux, 'Hypnotism in Great Britain' from F.L. Marcuse ed., Hypnosis throughout the world (Springfield Ill. 1964), mentions briefly Braid's work.
  • /20 Booklet Anaesthetics ancient and modern: an historical sketch of anaesthesia (n.d.); brief reference to Braid.
  • /21 Cutting from Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Jul 1992, article H.R. ollin 'Magic and mountebanks in the development of psychiatric thought (presidential address to the Section of History of Medicine 1 May 1991); refers briefly to Braid's ideas.