Bertram, British Graham Land Expedition

Scope and Content

  • MS 1260;BJ Log book, 1934-1937 [Zoological] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 35;BJ Register, 1934-1937 [All biological specimens other than birds] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 36;ER Scientific record, 1934-1937 [By Bertram, Fleming and Roberts, original unedited version] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 179;ER Scientific record [Edited version of MS 36;ER] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1010;BJ Seal notes, 1934-1937 [Observations] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 1057/7;BJ Diary, 1934-1937 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 37;BJ Temperature data, January 1935 to May 1936, 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 30;BJ Field notebook, February 1935 to January 1936 [Biology] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 34;BJ Notebook, February 1935 to February 1937 [Non-marine life] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 32;BJ Killing list, March 1935 to February 1936 [Birds and seals] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 33;BJ Note book, May 1935 to January 1937 [Marine life] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 31;BJ Field notebook, January 1936 to April 1937 [Biology] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 29;BJ General notebook, 5 September to 19 November 1936 [Southern journey] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 1057/8/1-3;BJ Typescript of MS 1057/7;BJ, 2 volumes
  • MS 1057/9;ER Miscellaneous papers relating to the expedition [Include files on expedition photographs, complete list of plants, arachnids, fishes and invertebrates, seal material, expedition accounts, correspondence regarding British Graham Land Expedition publications, miscellaneous reports, miscellaneous results, suggested biological work in Graham Land, biological equipment, expedition literature, contracts, odd plans for scientific work, specimen lists, biological drawings, telegrams exchanged between Bertram, Roberts and Fleming, second year] 1 box
  • MS 1291;D Correspondence relating to the expedition [Preparation and results, including a draft of a scientific paper, note on experiences gained during expedition and weather] circa 150 leaves, holograph and typescript
  • MS 1440/1;ER Photograph index [List of photographs taken by Bertram, the photographs themselves are in the Institute's photographic collection] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 1440/2;ER Extracted notes on individual seals killed [Notes on sex, size, stomach content, parasites, physical condition, and other details] circa 200 leaves, holograph

Administrative / Biographical History

The British Graham Land Expedition, 1934-1937 (leader John Rymill) spent three years exploring the area of the Antarctic peninsula which at that time was thought to be an island. A De Havilland Fox Moth aircraft was used for depot laying an aria reconnaissance while dog teams carried out exploration. Bases were set up at Argentine Islands and Debenham Islands. A broad scientific programme was conducted and the expedition proved that channels sighted by Wilkins and Ellsworth did not exist and that Graham land was part of the Antarctic mainland.



Related Material

The Institute holds several archival collections containing material relating to this expedition see SPRI collection GB 15 British Graham Land Expedition, 1934-1937 for a fuller list.


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