Papers relating to the Hinkley Point Public Inquiry, 1988-89

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Papers relating to the Public Inquiry into Hinkley Point 'C' Power Station, 1988-89, sitting at Cardiff.

Published documents:

'The Hinkley Point Public Inquiries: A report by Michael Barnes, QC, to the Secretaries of State for Energy and the Environment. Inspector's conclusions and recommendations. (London: HMSO) - 65 pages

'Proposed Nuclear Power Station Hinkley Point 'C' Somerset: Statement of the case by the consortium of opposing local authorities' - 68 pages

'Hinkley Point 'C': A Summary of the Environmental Statement' (Central Electricity Generating Board, Aug 1987) - 31 pages

'Emergency at Hinkley Point: A Cause for Concern' by Richard L Coyte, ed. Jane Wildblood (Greenpeace, Say No to Hinkley C) - 20 pages

Daily transcripts of proceedings (available in English and Welsh):

22 Nov 1988 - 114 pages

23 Nov 1988 - 121 pages

20 Mar 1989 - 104 pages

21 Mar 1989 - 132 pages

22 Mar 1989 - 130 pages

23 Mar 1989 - 66 pages

Other documents:

Hinkley Point 'C' Power Station Public Inquiry: Outline Statement of Case (Central Electricity Generating Board, May 1988) - 91 pages

Application for consent to the construction of the power station Hinkley Point C from the Secretary of State for Energy to the Chairman of Nuclear Electric, 6 Sep 1990. Includes Inspector's conclusions and recommendations - 74 pages

List of libraries holding collections of inquiry documents (March 1989) - 10 pages

Electricity generating stations and overhead lines - preparing for major inquiries in England and Wales (Dept of Energy, March 1988) - 7 pages

Notification of the date, time and place of the public inquiry and statements of case by the applicant, the local planning authorities and major participants - 29 pages

Could Chernobyl happen at Hinkley Point C? by Dr Charles Wakstein, 7 May 1986 - 5 pages

Outline statement by Somerset County Council and other local authorities under the Electricity Generating Stations and Overhead Lines (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 1987 in respect of the Central Electricity Generating Board's applications for consent to construct a pressurised water reactor (PWR) nuclear power station and to realign 40kv overhead transmission lines at Hinkley Point , Somerset - 25 pages

Statement on the Inquiry sessions in Cardiff 22 and 23 Nov 1988 - 5 pages

Letter from HP public inquiry secretariat informing participants in the Inquiry on their opportunities for appearing at the Inquiry - 17 pages

Letter from Dept of Energy notifying of the decision by the Secretary of State for Energy on the application by the Central Electricity Generating Board - 1 page

Letter from Dept of Energy to the Secretary of the National Grid Company, 6 Sep 1990, application for consent to the realignment of the final spans of the 400kv overhead transmission lines at Hinkley Point - 7 pages

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