Miscellaneous material

Scope and Content

This small series is comprised of four items which do not obviously fit into any of the other categories of material. They are:

/1 Flyer for Cox's book, The Free Spirit [1963]

/2 Flyer for A.E. Dyson's book The Crazy Fabric: Essays in Irony [1965]

/3 Invitation to a Critical Quarterly dinner at which John Wain spoke (n.d.)

/4 Letter to Brian Cox from Michael Schmidt (1 October 1969), enclosing a copy of his poetry magazine, Carcanet (Autumn 1969)


Item /4 was formerly stored with some other Carcanet Press-related material in the Library. It has now been restored to its rightful home in Brian Cox's archive.

Related Material

Items /1-3 came from one of Cox's unsorted miscellaneous files labelled CQ Conference and CQ odds and ends. Other papers from the same file can be found at COX3/14 and COX4/16 in this archive, and at CQA1/2/8 and CQA2/3/8 in the Critical Quarterly Archive.