Scope and Content

Sir John Trevor to Thomas Crewe: has received recipient's letters reporting the words of Mr Powell and his wife to him and urges him to remember them as they will be useful in their lawsuit later and also to listen for any other such speech from them and get witnesses to it 'that either they intended by the building of this new mill to prejudice Marford mills or that they do hope or will endeavour to draw away the custom from it to their new mill for though I am very well satisfied that they built this mill to that end, yet I would be very glad to have a confession of it out of their own mouths and to be able to prove that they said so much …'; asks him also to find out how they intend to defend the case and to get his uncle to name the 'oldest, ablest and honestest' local men to be witnesses for him and provide any other useful information; sanctions his mother getting her coals from Wern Dyfallog at the same rate per ton, i.e. 14d and he will pay the rest and if she complains that this pit is further away he will also contribute to some of the extra cost of carriage; instructions about his wish to buy a piece of land next the park which his cousin Salisbury's father had once agreed to sell to Sneade; instructions for various payments.


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