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Sir John Trevor (St. Bartholomew's) to Thomas Crewe (Leeswood); thanks him for looking after his business well except that he 'suffered Tunnicliffe whom you knew to be an idle fellow and false to overreach you'; tells him not to fear 'that any shall have power with me and do you wrong for doing of those things which I commanded you' especially in regard to his mother whom he wishes him to deal with 'in the mannerliest manner that you can, suffering from her patiently ill words which break no heads, knowing that I suffer from her sometimes myself'; orders for dealing with Nicholas Lloyd about his rent and not to let any land in Leeswood yet; hears his mother wants to take possession of Leeswood again but tells recipient not to worry and that if he has to leave it, writer will provide him with a home elsewhere; tells him to follow his uncle's directions about Davy Speed; will wait for the money from his cousin Mostyn until Easter only and asks recipient to get Sir Edward Trevor to convey the same message to his cousin Edwards of Chirk; sends directions [not present] about the coal pit.


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