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Thomas Crewe (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor (Little St. Bartholomew's): 'Mr Ellis Sutton bade me write to you that if you please he will end the suit betwixt you and the vicar for the vicar hath put it wholly to him. How to end this he cannot tell without your advice for the vicar alleges that he hath demanded tithe herbage of divers of the parish that let to foreigners and their answer hath been that if he recovered herbage by the suit he hath in hand they would pay him without suit, so after what manner he shall bring this to pass you must instruct him as you please for he is wholly yours yet he would not be the vicar's hindrance to get his right of others and is willing to bring yours to some fair end because of the speech of the country'; despite orders to the contrary he has had to pay more money to the sheriff of Flintshire as he had distrained on a tenant's cattle; he and Mr Worthine of Chester have been perusing John Williams' title which appears good but they have one more document to see; Lady Fitton wants some old wood to burn in her chamber as she could not manage coal fires.


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