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John Peck to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): will cause the tenants of Hawarden to show their leases to Mr Owen Andrewes when he comes; has viewed all the timber in Hawarden park which he liked very much 'for although there is a great many of them bad so there is a [...] many of them very good. There hath not as yet been any deer killed nor shall not above one of them be killed for I have taken order with the keepers about it... Captain Ball our High Sheriff was in the park and vapoured much but had nothing for after I had spoken to the keepers of the park they would not do anything for all his great words. He intends to have a buck out of the park against the assizes ... but I believe he will fail of his purpose therein'; 'here is various talk about the petition and Great Council held with the church of Wrexham knocking their heads together and have concluded to send up to London Captain Prichard and one that Mr Edisbury knows to be assistants to Mr Courtney in their business. God send our navy well at sea for it was reported here that we have had some loss'.


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