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[Jasper Peck to Sir John Trevor]: suggests Roger Griffith, gent., Edward Lewis, gent., Hugh Jones, gent., and himself as commissioners to hear witnesses in the case against Mr Kynaston; the oldest witness John Rondle has just died, the present tollman is close to death and John Davye of Marford is much decayed who is now recipient's main witness so writer is glad he is hastening on the case; proving the title of Mr Massey of Puddington to some lands; there is enough land suitable for sowing sainfoin to produce over 60 measures but is not sure whether to venture on so big a trial of it at first; the previous crop came up well but hares and rabbits have cropped it and it will need careful looking after in future; thinks that the woods could be managed to provide enough for the mills where they smelt lead ore; also suggests stocking unlet lands with sheep; Hugh Peirce is very discontent at being removed from his uncle's holding where he had paid out for building work and improving the land and asks for some of the corn and to remain in the house until he can find another; does not expect they will gain much from dividing this holding in the short term; widow Roberts' relations are all poor so writer intends to let the lands she held to someone else...


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