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John Peck to Sir John Trevor (Little Almery, near Westminster Abbey): have about 2 pecks of pyracantha berries ready to be sent; financial difficulties because of the hardness of the times; 'with what money I had and the money I sold the house for in Cheapside I have paid Mr George Bostock for his house and lands in Holt called the Cornish'; cannot get anyone to lime and plough Plas Teg park on suitable terms at present so writer advises not bothering to lime it as 'the ground is rank enough already' and liming it himself would cost 100 marks; 'Plas Teg house hath been very chargeable unto you by reason of great tempests and very bad tenants but it is once again in very good repair and outhouses all but the pigeon house the which I deferred to do until I hear from you. I hope in the conclusion of the bargain that I intend to make with Mr Price for all he is your cousin to ease you of further charge thereof until it shall please God you come to live there yourself...'


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