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John Peck to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): the parishioners of Dodleston have already chosen someone to be their minister if recipient approves of him; has spoken to Mr Bould at Hawarden about recipient's desire to have the presentation of the parsonage there and how this might beachieved, assuring him of it for life if this was successful; Mr Bould said the presentation had always been in the hands of the Earls of Derby and therefore now with those who had purchased their property; has spoken to Mr Yonge and Mr Chritchley and others about the improvement of the three lordships [Hope, Mold and Hawarden] but they say they do not yet know enough about them; writer considers Mold and Hawarden far more advantageous for improvement than Hope 'although Colonel Twiselton told me you looked but for your conveniency ... but in case you have the lordships fully settled in you and purpose to make an equal division of them lest Colonel Twiselton and Captain Ellis divide them as they please, you need not care provided afterwards you cast lots for them and so by that means your share would be equal to theirs and in case Hope should fall to either of them they would afterwards part with it unto you upon your own conditions. As for the wood and timber in Hawarden park, Colonel Twiselton and I are to meet to view it again'; recommends recipient employs someone he can trust to collect the rents in these areas and give him 'light and intelligence of all things that may redound to your best advantage', offering to do this himself until the division is made; 'you cannot imagine the want of money here with the poverty of your tenants of whom I have ever been very tender of and have often supplied their defects lest your occasions should suffer...'; a Mr Griffith, a draper of Cheapside, would buy John Trevalyn's lands from recipient and the writer recommends they be sold as they were bought at such a high price that they are of no profit.


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