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Thomas Crewe (Allington) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): has been with Griffith Edwards and John Griffith Johne to serve Mr John Powell with a copy of the decree two or three times before finding him at home and when they did find him he said he knew about it already and they could dispose of the copy elsewhere so they left it in his kitchen in the presence of John Johne, Marie Powell, Amy Davenport, Alice Peyres and the footboy; they served it on Sir Thomas Powell the same day at the table in the hall in sight of James Humphrey, his footman, and Marie Thomas, a servant to Mr Edward Lloyd who now lives at Horsley; they then served it on Thomas Parsonage, David Hughes, Thomas Davies and Richard Prince; later they served it on Thomas Griffith, Lewis ap Edward and Robert Overton, all in the presence of witnesses; when Sir Richard departed for Ireland he left Trevalyn, Lodge and Rofft houses in writer's charge and all the goods therein to recipient if he should die before returning and said recipient should have the demesne for rent although the orchards, gardens and springs were never let; has mended the slates at Plas Teg at a cost of 54s.; Mr Powell has not removed the wheels or stones from his mill or done any of the other things required in the decree but everyone who was served with it is now grinding at Marford except Mr Powell himself and writer is not sure if he is getting a neighbour to bring his there; promises to find lands to purchase from some of the other freeholders as Sir Richard had also wanted to do; has received from John Wright 'two armours of proof being lances complete but no gauntlets at all, two complete corselets, three muskets, four callivers, 2 horsemen's pieces in cases, one fowling piece, six pistols, two swords, two daggers, one rapier, I leading staff or javelin, two keys for the firelocks, thirty china and porcelain bowls, basins, fruit dishes and porringers', all which dishes writer will bring to Chester.


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