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John Peck to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): has managed to persuade Mr Walley to send recipient £400; he has agreed to let Plas Teg, the park, the garth and the 2 meadows in Leeswood to Colonel Ellis for £53 p.a. on certain conditions as to ploughing and to take charge of the goods in the house, if recipient approves, and also to pay the wages of any gardener recipient sends to tend the garden or orchard there; Sir John is however to pay for dividing the park which the writer does not think will cost much 'by reason the trees you willed to be cut down that shadowed the garden would make pales to do it'; reports that Colonel Ellis is well known to Mr Yonge and has an income of about £120 p.a. and £50 of it lies near Plas Teg; reports on his dealings with the surveyors who complained that the writer had said they were a burden to the country; 'there is a very knave one George Kerrey on Marford Hill which plucks his house down and burns it and cuts down the trees and will neither pay rent or be gotten out of the house which made me send my warrant for him and delivered him unto the constable to whip which hath caused him to leave the house and get without leave into one of the almshouses …'; cannot get a tenant for Leeswood farm but hopes to get Lettsome [Ledsham] to take Lloyd's tenement.


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