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Mary [or Marg'] Twisleton (?Llyar) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, London): concerning her investment in mines in Mold - ' I have by the persuasion of some friends taken a lease of my brother Twisleton his share of all the lead and coal mines in Mold whereby I am tied to a certain rent. And now, our general concerns in the lead mines lies dormant and no endeavours are made for discovering of it. I know Mr Secretary has such multitudes of business that he cannot have time to answer letters which makes me beg the favour of you that you will be pleased to desire him to think of some way whereby course may be taken this Spring to set people on work. All the farmers that took it have thrown it up, have done nothing effectual upon pretence their bargain was dear and withal they could never agree in partnership. But I understand that it were the surest way to find it. If there were liberty given for all advernturers to dig upon their own charge and a good allowance to be given for every ton ready gotten upon the bank so that men might have some encouragement to work and we should be at no charge but at a certain profit when it is found...'


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