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Jasper Peck to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): has been looking into the matter of recipient's chief rents and quotes from John Norden's survey concerning the lands then held by Richard Speed in Lavister which were those Sir Richard Trevor later bought 'and there he built the house called the Lady's Bower' which he gave to Lady Tirringham who in turn gave the reversion of it to Mr Bagnall after the death of Mrs Jane Brereton, widow of Mr Brereton of Borras and now the wife of Dean Lloyd; Roger Kenrick is the tenant of this house at present; cannot identify Ralph Speed's lands; Maes Gresford was bought from Richard Evans whose wife had it as a gift from her grandfather, John Allington; requests the names of the lands bought from Mr Lewis; thinks Fisher's meadow must be Coed Cae Moch as no-one can remember anything about it and the rent is the same amount; there are several differences in the old [1620] survey and the new one of 1657 so this will all have to be sorted out with the collector who writer believes will be fair and civil; cannot get any satisfaction from George Kynaston regarding his arrears and fears he will not be able to pay; 'your sainfoin in Hope doth not prosper at all ... I suppose that ground is naturally apt to grass which is not so proper for sainfoin. I observe that in other places its nothing at all, the tenants suffering their cattle or other neglect to destroy it. I mean that it was sowed in little quantities for trial'.


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