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John Peck to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): has still had no letter and is afraid that if the tenants he has agreed with have to wait longer he will lose them and then if recipient's own negotiations with a chapman fall through it may not be possible to get other tenants this year; had received a letter via Mr Bradshaw of Chester containing 'the engagement for the taking down of the causeway at Chester and the Tuesday following there came to see me at Trevalyn Sir Thomas Middelton and with him Sir Richard Grosvenor and his son, Mr Hope of Dodleston and Mr John Mosson [?Mostyn] and others who … I desired to subscribe the writing for the general good of the country in taking down the causeway the which all of them refused to do, the which did a little dismay me although it shall not discourage me to endeavour my uttermost for the speeding of the business …'; the miller has become poor as he has little work 'being haunted in his mill with beggarly women that steals his customers' corn that comes to grind with him. There was three of them came before me the which I sent to the stocks and after caused one of them to be well whipped'; his dealings with Edward ap Edward for whose lower tenement he has had a better offer; hopes he may be granted some profit out of the excise 'for all my employments hitherto …'; 'Captain Ball doth make what friends he can to command the horse and foot that are to be raised in this county but in case you conceive that there will be an allowance for him that shall command them, let me try my fortune with the rest that shall stand for it...'.


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