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John Peck to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): William Griffith whom recipient wanted as a gardener for his son-in-law is still under contract and in any case 'I hear he is given as all our countrymen here are unto the pot'; writer has therefore found another young man from Cheshire who is keen to have the post and Thomas Owens will teach him until recipient is ready for him; the mare has been found near Denbigh after being missing for 8 days and is very thin so writer will keep her inside to build her up again and intends to sue Brown for the expense of looking for her which amounted to 20s; advises against ploughing up Plas Teg park this year 'first because oats are so cheap as 17d a hobbit which is 2 Winchester measures so that it would not near counervail the rent, besides Sir Thomas Eaton might find a cavil and refuse to pay his rent that he is in arrear being about £54 ... who puts me off with promises that when he comes again to Plas Teg he will pay it but he hath not been there himself this twelvemonth'; Edward Ledsome is likewise owing a year's rent and £36 and would have been bankrupt before now if the writer had been hard on him; is sorry not to have known Lord Henry Cromwell had been in Chester and hopes to persuade his son to go after him to Ireland when he comes home; 'I perceive you are told of great plantations amaking here. I heartily wish you were well and here awhile but to see what I have done and what is adoing and almost finished the which I verily believe when you see you would not have undone again for double the charge, the chiefest thing being the enlarging of the kitchen garden right up to the hedge which hath made your orchard very summery lightsome and handsome, but if the charge may be an inconveniency unto you I am sorry and shall forbear hereafter'; reports his recent conversations with Captain Ellis who has been asking recipient's intentions regarding the election and had told the writer he had tried to get him back in the Commission of the Peace; Mr Lloyd of Halghton has promised to support Mr Trevor in the election and get his father-in-law, Mr Conway, to do so as well; does not believe Captain Ellis's promises especially as he wanted the writer to speak against Mr Crichley who is recipient's friend; has heard that there are goods in the castle [at Hawarden] which recipient does not know about and advises him to ask Mr Crichley about them so that he does not lose his share; is still trying to secure the support of Colonel Mostyn and Mr Hanmer of the Fenns for Mr Trevor.


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