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Thomas Crewe to Sir John Trevor (Little St. Bartholomew's near Smithfield): gives details of who holds various meadows including Radley where Sir Richard is sending his horses to graze and the new meadows which he cannot let for want of water as the previous two summers were extraordinarily dry; the parks and doles above Marford are also unlet as yet; Mr Young [? Yonge] promises to get the recipient an assurance about the seats in Hope church; is going to view a barn; Nicholas Lloyd is very willing to negotiate for the sale of his lands and Mr Young is going with the writer to view them; 'Foulke Roache the gardener is come hither and he likes the place well. He hath already viewed those grounds where he may best befit himself … one place is a parcel of the mill dole upon the back of the mill, the second is a part of the upper park near Marford, the third is the hop ground with those parcels of land that Robert ap Ellis now holdeth'; a speedy answer about a lease of one of these places is requested to be sent to Roache at 'Katerminster [Kidderminster] or to Cawnell [Caunsell] house hard by there'; has sent the letters, box and bag to Mrs Bagnall who is mourning the death of her husband.


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