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Jasper Peck (Chester) to [Sir John Trevor!: has been at Emral discussing the lead mines with Sir John Trevor and finds he is opposed to opening them until the spring; has heard Lord Derby is very ill or possibly dead and this has given rise to much talk about what will happen to his claim for the lordships of Mold, Hope and Hawarden; some expect an Act to entail them on his heirs and say he had no power to sell them so people are wondering how secure they are in their holdings if the purchasers did not have a good title which writer hopes will be disproved; Major Evatt is happy to stay until spring to start work on the lead mines, the proposed terms being that he should pay to sink the mine, get the ore and find all timber and materials and to pay recipient and his partners 30s per ton quarterly whether the ore is sold or not; he says he cannot pay more as he pays his miners £2..12s..6d per ton as the rock is so hard but if he can reduce their rate to 40s per ton he will pay 3s..4d per ton more in royalty; is sorry Madam Hanmer has been ill since arriving in Ireland but it often happens thus unless people take medicine 'to clear their bodies of those humours stirred by their passage at sea'; the first crop is very bad and not fit to send to London; is troubled that old Sir John Trevor's marriage has become the subject of so much talk and fears its consequences.


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