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Jasper Peck to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): the amount of tax given to the King in Marford and Hoseley is levied at a much higher rate than in Hawarden and is a disproportionate burden on the tenants in the former; writer explains how he thinks this came about and that the best remedy for it might be in nominating sympathetic commissioners in the future; has received 4 peach trees from Ledsame and has planted them in good places but wants to know what sort they are.

Endorsement from Sir John Trevor to his son: 'Good son, read I pray this. I know not how this great tax will be layed but if there be not care taken Mr Ravenscroft and Mr Crachley [Chrichley] that live in Hawarden parish will lay all they can on Marford and Hoseley which you will suffer by as much or more than I shall'.


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