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Jasper Peck to [Sir John Trevor]: has read the book sent him and observed that 'Mr Hymes hath judiciously answered the objections urged against sainfoin but find no further directions than what was in the former paper you were pleased to give me in London only that 4 bushels must be sowed upon an acre. If you please to send down half a bushel of seed being we have none here, we will make a trial of it in the most likely places we can find and by that time what is sowed this season shall come up and show itself, I hope we may have encouragement from what is already sown now after this dripping weather which if it continue will prove ill to your harvest in these parts. Some of the sainfoin at Kynaston's since this rain gathers much and advanceth in height. The other field sowed at the same time gives yet little hopes of succeeding well ...'; Mr Jones at Plas Teg has asked the writer to mention again the matter of obtaining a licence for the chapel at Rossett Green 'it being your oratory and under that denomination I hear several chapels have had licences and if there be anything of charge attends it he will take care about it and be very thankful for your favour in it if it may be done without difficulty or any prejudice to you, otherwise he will very contently surcease that request and wait another opportunity 'the vines prosper well but are not set yet vineyard-wise. They came too late the last spring for to prepare fresh land for them. We intended the bowling alley for them and to make that place fit for them by burning the surface of the earth with some addition of lime and other fresh soil and to plant them this Michaelmas but shall now do as you and my Lady please to command. I have had thoughts of burning some little spot of dry land for trial and sow some little quantity of sainfoin. Good burning kills the grass which is one great impediment to the growth of sainfoin. Peradventure you may have heard whether this course hath been anywhere taken with it and what the issue and event of it...'


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