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Early records

Records relating to field work undertaken from 1852 to the mid-1960s, set out by geographical region under the heading ‘Indian Subcontinent’. As to the political changes in the Punjab leading to East and West Pakistan in 1947, and then Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971, Interserve has undertaken little work in East Pakistan (which became Bangladesh in 1971). For this reason, the name ‘Pakistan’ is used from 1947 onwards, and those records are in the International file list. Many of the early letters and records are written on CMS stationery, reflecting the fact that following the secession in 1880, CMS field personnel continued to act as field secretaries for ZBMM. Brief facts about the stations are given, but there are inconsistencies in the records as to some of the early facts. Cameos of work at different stations are given in the small publications.

Later records

Work undertaken following the restructuring of the 1960s is set out in a follow-on list under the heading ‘International’. This marks the point at which policy and leadership were transferred to the newly instituted International Council, and BMMF/Interserve was headquartered in India, then Cyprus and later also Thailand. It also marks the point at which the Society’s field of work widened beyond the Indian subcontinent.


This mostly reflects the decision of the record makers, but sometimes reflects a decision made at a later date. Personnel records are subject to a 75-year closure period, while other records are subject to a 25-year closure period. Details concerning funds for hospitals, orphanages, homes, school and village work are listed in the Home File list, as are details concerning powers of attorney.

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