'The Summer of a Dormouse. A Collage'

Scope and Content

1)The first file contains manuscripts and typescripts of autobiographical articles and essays with the following titles:

a) 'Uncle Silas and Mother. Reading in bed'

b) 'Grandpa Outram'

c) 'Grandpa Batho'

d) 'A Lot of Big Words. A Class Struggle Story. 1932'

e) 'My Early Feminism'

f) 'Julius and the Red Star. Moscow, May 1926'

g) 'A Polish Tolpuddle. Vladimir Volynsk'

h) 'Winston and the Women'

i) 'Comrade Warwick and others'

j) 'We, the Audience'

k) 'Homage to a Socialist' (Frank Horrabin), by Rita Hinden

l) 'Francis has a bit of luck'

m) 'Jawahalal, Krishna and Indira' (Nehrus and Menon)

n) 'Three Poems'

o) 'A Message from a Soldier on the Italian Front, 1918'

p) 'Comment on Haro's Portrait of Edward the Seventh'

q) 'Marriage and Genius'

r) 'Jane Wells and T. E. Lawrence'

s) 'Comment' (Conrad Noel)

t) 'Introduction to the life of Mary Wollestonecraft and the Rights of Women'

u) 'Socialism in Our Time'

v) 'The Futility of Feminism'

w) 'Renouncement' (Alice Meynell)

x) 'Somewhere in England 1932: A Class Struggle Story'

It is believed that these essays have not been published.

2)The second file, which relates to the articles in the first file, includes typed quotations from various works or individuals selected as chapter headings.

3)The third file includes typescript, annotated chapters of a proposed novel, initially titled 'War', based on the First World War as well as typescript, annotated chapters for a book entitled 'After Which War?' relating to the Second World War. The chapter headings for the novel 'War' are:

a) An Early Raid

b) Third Year of the War

c) Zeppelin Falls in Flames near London

d) Our end of the Somme

There are no chapter headings for the novel 'After Which War?'.

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader