Copy of letter from the Directors of the [London] Missionary Society to the Earl of Liverpool [Robert Banks Jenkinson]

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Religious persecution in Demerary [Demerara, Guyana]. Deliberated on his proposed regulations (restricting when religious instruction and worship can take place and where). Understand that any existing restrictions will be superseded by these regulations. Grateful for assistance in resolving issue, particularly with regard to preaching to slaves. Accept this modified repeal of restrictions upon them in Demerary [Demerara, Guyana] and Trinidad and upon assurances will send back Mr [John] Wray and instruct their missionaries in Trinidad not to leave. However, state the principle that they expect the same religious freedoms to be accorded in the West Indies as in England. Oppose 'evils' of slavery and lament lack of religious instruction available. Object to hostility of colonial governments, citing Jamaica as an example. His proposed regulations, albeit reluctantly accepted, make it difficult to preach to plantation slaves (who work on the Sabbath and are confirmed during the hours of darkness). Difficult to preach at each plantation as have insufficient preachers and great distances involved, particularly in Demerary [Demerara, Guyana]. Ask that when preaching at plantations slaves from other plantations be allowed to attend.

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